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Your Electric Bill Could be MUCH LOWER!

Hassle-Free Solar Installation:
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Modernize Your Home or Business's Energy

  1. Free Battery Backup- We will upgrade your inverter to one that will provide battery backup in case of a power outage as well as a FREE 3.8kWh Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery. (Value up to $6,000)*

  2. We Pay Your Electric Bill- We will pay your electric bill until your system is installed. Odin will pay for the equivalent average monthly production of the solar PV system you purchased until the system is installed.**

Terms of Deals- *The free backup system is up to a 12kW inverter with one 3.8kWh battery, that offers future expandability. Must meet certain qualifications and Odin reserves the right to change the deal and is subject to purchasing a solar PV system for your home. **Odin will pay your electric bill for any new PV system purchases above 4kW and for each full month after an executed deal for a maximum of 12-months. Additional terms may apply.

Select Your Solar Deal

FREE Battery


Choose this LIMITED DEAL- We will install a solar PV system with a special custom inverter capable of providing solar power in a situation when the electric grid goes down. The deal includes a 3.8kWh battery and 5, 8, or 12kW backup inverter that is capable of providing full future expandability and power when you need it most! Meaning you can expand you battery backup in the future. 

Terms of guarantee- Odin is offering a free inverter upgrade ranging from 5-12kW that can accommodate a future expandable battery bank of 3.8kWh. This deal includes installation near the electric panel, however, it does not cover any special battery requirements such as climate control or racking. For further details, please contact us and note that this offer is subject to Odin's approval.

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We Pay Your 
Electric Bill

Choose this LIMITED DEAL- We will install a solar PV system and guarantee to Pay Your Electric Bill until your system is installed. We will cover the equivalent of your electric bill that we estimate your solar would cover until your solar PV system is fully installed. 

Our guarantee covers up to 12 months of your electric bill based on the estimated production of the solar PV system you purchased from us. The system you purchased must have a capacity of at least 4kW and no more than 20kW. To be eligible for the guarantee, you must obtain approval from Odin.

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Going Solar in Western Wisconsin

Save on Electricity Prices

It is plain and simple- Going solar will most certainly be less expensive than continuing to RENT YOUR ELECTRICITY from your utility. Plus the government has rebates to incentivize you to help lower carbon emissions. The benefit:

  • Cheaper Electricity

  • 30 Year Warranties*

  • Federal Rebates | Utility Rebates**

  • Home or Business Value increases†

*We use product(s) designed and warrantied to last 30+ years. **Not everyone qualifies- part of our process is identifying if you would likely qualify. †Multiple studies from Zillow® as well as the National Association of Realtors show solar greatly increases home values.

We are Solar Experts at:

Residential Solar- We can help fully integrate your solar with your home's current electric system w/ a grid-tied system. We can also provide and integrate a battery backup.

Off-Grid Solar- A solar energy system off-grid also can claim many of the incentives a home can. It is an excellent option if bringing in traditional power is too expensive.

Business Solar- Our expert designers will fully integrate a solar energy system with your current energy system. We also work directly with large battery manufacturers to help provide backup systems and load-shedding systems to maximize your energy savings.

Our Solar Service Area: 

Baldwin, Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls, Balsam Lake, Amery, Maiden Rock, Menomonie, Spring Valley, Rice Lake, Cumberland, Turtle Lake, Durand, Mondovi, Alma, and all surrounding areas.

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Solar Analysis

We believe that you don't need to be pressured to go solar in Western Wisconsin. You just need to see the options to go solar and how that will reduce your electric bill and increase your home or business's value.

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