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FREE BATTERY  backup is HERE.  Get a Quote Today!

Solar is now the most cost-effective energy source!* Get Started Today!

*According to IEA, solar energy is now the cheapest energy source, when compared with utility-scale systems and compared to wind, and carbon-based fuels among others.

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solar energy system monitoring

Monitor Your Solar System from Anywhere!

Western WI Solar Experts

Unleash energy independence! From rooftop panels to battery backups, we're your Western WI guide to a solar-powered future. We've designed 100's of solar PV systems and now offer FREE Battery Backup.

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The Future of Your Energy is Now in Your Hands. 

Utility rates continue to rise due to inflation and an aging power grid. Owning your own power stops energy inflation in its tracks and locks in affordable energy for 25+ Years.

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The Latest in Technology to Design Solar Installations and Quote your Solar Energy System.

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Our Services- Turn-key Solar Installations or DIY Solar Installation

Solar for Businesses

Set your energy costs for 30 years, add sustainability to your business, and avoid energy inflation! 

 Roof Mounted Solar Installations 

Does your business have a unutilized roof? As a business solar contractor, we can help you convert your roof into a Power Asset™. 

 Parking Lot Solar- EV  Charging 

Turn that parking lot into an asset with solar energy. Adding charging stations can increase visability and income.

 Ground Mounted Solar  Installations 

Get serious about your vacant property with large solar systems or lease it out for a predictable return.

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