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A Better Battery 

The Safest, Longest Lasting, Premium Battery.

  • Safest battery chemistry out there. Fire-safe, non-toxic, LFP cells and redundant system-level protection.

  • 15-year performance warranty (8,000 cycles) at 100% Depth of Discharge


Solar Battery

Batteries are not necessary for a grid-tied solar energy system but can offer a great solution for energy backup integrated into your system.

Battery Backup for Your Solar

There are several cases where using batteries is a great choice, and selecting the battery system for your solar energy project or existing system comes down to a few things.

  • Safety- This has to be a top priority when selecting a system and thermal run-away within a battery can be devastating to persons and property.

  • Durability- A LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate) offers a much longer life expectancy than other popular market Lithium-Ion batteries.

We offer a premium solar battery system for your off-grid or grid-tied system.

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