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You to Save Money
on Electricity.

Rooftop solar for your home is the most cost-effective energy choice*. We can help guide you through your project, and you can use our Artificial Intelligence to size your solar on your roof.

*When compared to other onsite energy generation and other utility-supplied electricity.


We Have the Tools.... If you Have the Roof.


Some of the tools we utilize to size and design your system have been implemented to increase our efficiency, accuracy, and lower costs. To help save you money on your system and improve the design accuracy. 


Lowest Cost

Solar installed on your roof uses the least amount of materials, and therefore makes the system the least expensive of the solar installation types



Solar has an incredibly low maintenance due to the lack of moving parts. A solar tracker and adjustable ground mount requires some additional maintenance. 



You likely already have a roof, and you are likely not using it for anything. Solar on the roof takes up no additional yard space when compared to a ground mount.


Heat Sheild

The solar panels installed on your roof are typically on the most sun exposed roof lines. The solar panels act as a heat sheild helping keep your home cooler. 

Benefits to Rooftop Solar

Types of Solar Roofs

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