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Solar Ground Mounts

Solar ground mounts add a bit of complexity to an installation, but if you have the space, a ground mount is the way to go to maximize your energy production.

We Have Options for Your Project!

If you have the space we have the ground mount solution for your property in ID, MN, or WI. We have over 10+ years in the solar industry and we have worked with many brands of solar mounts. We have our favorites!


Estimate Your System Size

You skip the salesperson (don't let them know) and our built-in artificial intelligence 🤖 will assist you in sizing the system size you likely would need to offset a large portion or all of your current electricity needs.

Types of Solar Ground Mounts

There are several different types of solar ground mounts we install in Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 


Fixed Mounted

A fixed-mounted solar energy system offers some great benefits. You can scale a ground mount to just about any size and often a ground mount will allow you to remove snow, increasing Winter energy production. 


Solar tracker

Solar trackers can increase energy production by ~30% and are great for limited space. Because the tracker has moving parts that requires a limited maintenance plan and we only use well-established solar tracking brands.

solar ground mount installer.jpeg


We often suggest manually adjustable solar mounts, if you are looking to maximize Winter energy production but do not want the maintenance that comes with moving parts on a tracker. A manual crank allows you to increase slope to match seasonal sun angles. 

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