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Why Go Solar on Your Home?

Produce Your Own Electricity
Eliminate Energy Inflation
Available Financial Incentives
Home Value Increase

*Incentives like solar federal tax credits and local utility rebates. Some utilities have increased their rates by +10% with an expected 2-5% increase year over year for the foreseeable future. According to several studies like Zillow™ solar home value increase, solar will greatly increase your home value. 

Top 6 Reasons to Install Solar on Your Home

Solar cells utilize a general design that was developed back in 1939 and today technological advancements have made solar energy the most affordable source of energy since 2017. These are the top 6 reasons to install solar

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1. Local Energy Production

Solar produces energy right where you use it. This helps decrease linear economy delays as well as provides comfort in knowing you can produce your own power.

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4. Home Value Increase

There have been several different studies in different residential markets, showing homes with solar sell for quite a bit more than those that do not have solar. 

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

2. Offset Inflation

Inflation seems to be on the mind of everyone these days. With Solar you are locking in your electricity rates for the next 30 years. No increases in energy costs for the foreseeable future. 

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5. Reliable Energy Source

Solar has no moving parts, and therefore is one of the most reliable sources of electricity. There is very little maintenance needed for solar and the energy estimates of a system are incredibly accurate.


3. Rebates

The Federal government has rebates for homeowners looking to go solar. Plus many utilities provide additional small incentives to install solar energy on your home.

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6. Environmental

Once solar is installed, there is no carbon footprint associated with your energy production. This helps offset any global warming gasses that otherwise would have been emitted while the power plant generated your electricity.

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FREE Analysis- No Pressure

Are you looking for more detailed info of simply looking to see how much you could be producing of your own electricity? 

Estimate Your System Size

You skip the salesperson (don't let them know) and our built-in artificial intelligence 🤖 will assist you in sizing the system size you likely would need to offset a large portion or all of your current electricity needs.

Why You Should Choose Odin Solar

Advanced Simple Process

Developed from the ground up on day one, to help homeowners go solar. Odin Solar designs all of our jobs with the latest tech, helping save you time and money. 

Save Money

Solar is now the cheapest form of electricity you can produced energy for your home with. Start today, by locking in your electricty rate for the next 30 years and hedge against inflation.

Installation & Support

All our installations are performed by licensed indivuduals and we offer free of charge, after installation support to help you with any of your solar questions or needs. 

25 Year Warranty

Solar is insanly robust and reliable, but if there is ever a case that something comes up with the product or installation, you are protected as long as 30 years on the solar panels.

Home solar Installation Types
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ID, MN, & WI Solar Installations

Roof Mount Solar

The vast majority of solar installations are done on the roof, as it offers the best ROI and puts the solar panels up and away on a roof that likely isn't being utilized.

ID, MN, and WI Solar Installations

Solar Battery Backups

Batteries are not necessary for any grid-tie solar PV system, but we are seeing much more interest in utilizing battery technology for the backup of homes with solar energy systems. They can also be used in load shedding and time-of-day usage metering.

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ID, MN, and WI Solar Installations

Ground Mounted Solar

Ground-mounted solar installations are great for homeowners with a little extra space. They do add cost to a system for the footing and dirt work, but they work great and may also offer sun-tracking technology, increasing system performance by up to 30%

North America Service

DIY Solar Energy Installations

The tech we rely on to size and design our customer's systems is now available to our DIY solar customers. If you're looking for DIY solar kits or custom solutions, we can help you and pass on our economies of scale savings.

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Let's Chat Solar!

If you are looking to go solar or receive a fully customized estimate for your home, let's connect and Schedule A Free Consultation To See If Solar Is Right For You

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