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The TRUTH about
Solar Financing

Many of the solar financing options provided by solar installers are grossly inflated and presented to customers as low APR loans. The truth is the rates they present are often bought down with thousands of dollars that are hidden on your quote. This means you are paying more for your system than you should be. Your best option is a HELOC.

What we Recommend

Solar Financing in MN and WI

There are several loan options your bank can help you with, and we recommend those. As they are the best deal for you and will offer the fastest ROI on your system. A HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) with your bank takes a little extra time, but its well worth it. 

To determine the size of the dealer fee, always ask for a cash quote from the installer alongside a quote with financing included. The difference between the cash price and the principal of the loan will reveal the size of the dealer fee. Each solar company will have its own dealer fees based on their agreements with their lending partners. All our pricing is the same as we do not hide any fees.

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