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2023 MN Power Solar Rebates are EXTREMELY Limited!

Must have a signed contract by February 28th 2023.

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MN Power Solar Lottery- ONLY ~25 will be Selected!
Up to 30-50% OFF Your System Cost. 

Energy inflation - save with solar

The Future of Your Energy is Now in Your Hands. 

Utility rates keep climbing because of inflation. Owning your own power stops energy inflation in its tracks and locks in affordable energy for 25+ Years.

Every Day Without Solar is Costing You More Money.

The updated Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to take up to 30-40% OFF your system in a tax credit*. Plus, any additional incentives like the MN power rebate lottery, which takes approximately another 10% OFF. Solar also increases home value, making makes going solar an absolute no-brainer. If you own a business, your solar would also likely qualify for accelerated depreciation. So get started today on locking in your electricity rate for the next 25+ years and protect yourself from energy inflation. 

*We are not a financial advisor and you should consult your advisor. In many cases if you have a tax liability, it's potentially likely you can benefit from the ITC.

Estimate Your System Size

You skip the salesperson (don't let them know) and our built-in artificial intelligence 🤖 will assist you in sizing the system size you likely would need to offset a large portion or all of your current electricity needs.

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