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Harness the Sun's Power: Powering Western WI Farms with USDA REAP Grants

Western Wisconsin's rolling hills and fertile fields are the backbone of our state's agriculture industry. However, rising energy costs and dependence on traditional sources can squeeze farm margins and limit growth. Thankfully, a shining solution exists: solar power, backed by the USDA's Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants.

Wisconsin Farms installing solar with cow

The REAP program unlocks a pathway for western WI farmers to embrace renewable energy and transform their operations. Whether raising dairy cows, managing orchards, or cultivating diverse crops, REAP guarantees funding of up to 75% of the project costs, and grants cover up to 25% of the cost of installing solar panels on your farm. This translates to significant savings, allowing you to invest in your future while reducing your reliance on the grid.

On top of the financing, which is often the largest hurdle in lowering your grid dependency, there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation. This makes going solar a almost no brainer as it locks in your electricity rate for the term of your loan, which is often lower day one than your utility bill rate, plus after the short loan term, you produce FREE electricity.


  • Lowering your monthly energy bills: Slashing energy costs by generating your own clean power through solar panels means more money to invest in your farm's growth.

  • Boosting energy independence: Fluctuating energy prices won't be a worry anymore. Solar provides reliable, predictable power, shielding you from market uncertainties.

  • Strengthening your environmental impact: Become a sustainability leader in your community. Solar power reduces your carbon footprint, leaving a positive mark on the environment we all cherish.

REAP grants aren't just about savings and sustainability, they're about:

  • Modernizing your farm: Embrace cutting-edge technology that attracts new customers and positions you for long-term success.

  • Increasing resilience: Solar panels withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring consistent power even during storms or outages.

  • Gaining peace of mind: Knowing you're contributing to a cleaner future while securing your farm's energy needs offers invaluable peace of mind.

Taking the first step is easy:

  • Contact your local USDA Rural Development office: They'll guide you through the application process and answer any questions you have.

  • Connect with experienced solar installers: Choose a qualified installer who understands the unique needs of western WI farms.

  • Explore REAP resources: The USDA website offers detailed information, eligibility criteria, and success stories from fellow farmers.

Don't miss this opportunity to power your farm with the sun! REAP grants offer a win-win solution for western WI farmers: financial savings, environmental responsibility, and a brighter future. Start your journey towards solar power today and watch your farm flourish under the sun's sustainable energy.

Remember: This blog post is just a starting point. You can personalize it further by adding:

  • Local statistics about energy costs and renewable energy potential in western WI.

  • Quotes from local farmers who have benefited from REAP grants.

  • Information about upcoming workshops or events related to solar power for farmers.

  • Links to relevant resources and contact information for your local USDA office and solar installers.

By taking action and leveraging the power of REAP grants, western WI farms can lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous future, powered by the sun.


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