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Solar is The Future
& it's Here Now!

Let our Artificial Intelligence determine how much solar you need to produce your own electricity and lock in your electric rate in Minnesota or Wisconsin. 

Act Now- Utilities are Starting to Block Solar

Utilities are still operating on an ancient grid that is slowly getting upgraded. We are starting to see customers experience something we have never had to deal with...... Interconnection delays and rejections. If your thinking you want to do solar soon, you should act sooner rather than later to prevent delays from the utility. 

Energy inflation - save with solar

The Future of Your Energy is Now in Your Hands. 

Utility rates keep climbing because of inflation. Owning your own power stops energy inflation in its tracks and locks in affordable energy for 25+ Years.

Solar Incentives in MN & WI

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Affordable, Efficient, and Reliable

Solar is the Cheapest Energy Source

Solar energy continues to be the cheapest energy source since 2017*, and with utility rates always going up and inflation impacting wallets negatively, Solar will lock in your energy rate for the next 25-30+ years. Solar typically increases the value of your home** by $20 for every $1 it saves you on your annual utility bill. Get started today by sizing your system and harnessing your own energy independence.

* EIA has shown how solar energy is now the lowest-costing energy at the Utility level. **Zillow recently did a study showing how solar energy on homes increases their value over comparable homes without solar. 

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Looking to learn more about solar and the incentives but you're not quite ready for a quote. Sign up for our webinar list and we will connect at a time that works best for you to participate in one of our webinars.

Stay Tuned for More Webinars.

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